• What Scrum got right

    Scrum was a huge change in how software was built and a lot of its ideas are great, but some also have major problems.

    Most of my experience is in early stage startups and may not apply as well to larger organizations, though I think a lot of it still does.

  • Upgrading dev tools: puma-dev and asdf

    POW -> Puma-dev & RVM -> asdf

  • Sass Bootstrap 4 in Phoenix 1.3

  • Getting started with Elixir

    Phoenix is a web framework build on Elixir, which runs on the Erlang VM. Why check out another web framework & language?

    IDK… the grass is always greener. There are new ideas in new frameworks. Maybe one will fit more with my personal development opinions.

  • CES 2018


    CES was about robots this year. There were a lot of toy focused robot kits that were cool. I like the Jimu kit the most.

  • GoBuffalo Nested Resources

    Buffalo is a web framework written in Go by Mark Bates. I’ve been working more with Go and started using Buffalo. Mark has done an awesome job with it! Thanks Mark!

    Pretty quickly into my app I wanted nested resources. Support for them seems pretty much there. It takes some work, but all in all it was pretty easy to get going. Here are some notes about how I approached it.

  • Starting cloudsh search project


    I’m starting a new side project to learn Golang and use AWS Lambda.

    The basic idea is an API that will index a website and provide a searching interface using JavaScript.

    The target users are those creating static / generated sites. Sites where having a database setup doesn’t make sense.

    I’m gonna run the API and processing on AWS Lambda using the awesome Apex and Up projects. I really like the serverless idea and am looking forward to trying it out.

    If it sounds interesting, join the mailing list at cloudsh