• Why ROXIMITY Selected MongoDB – Compose.io

    When we initially started development of ROXIMITY, I decided to go with MongoDB. There were three reasons for this choice: Geospatial support, redundancy and scalability and a lack of schema. If you are thinking about MongoDB, these are still all valid reasons for considering it and our experience should aid your decision making. read more

  • Capistrano 2 rolling task

    This took a long time to track down, but this will allow rolling deploys or tasks with Capistrano 2.x.

    task :rolling, roles: :web do 
      find_servers_for_task(current_task).each do |s|
        puts roles[:web].clear()
        server s.host, :web
        puts "Deploying to #{s.host}..."

    Ref: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/capistrano/H-tizsMN2Tk

  • AngularJS dynamic filter

    Use this to dynamically pass a filter from a controller or somewhere else as a string. It will use DI to lookup the filter and apply it.

    In the template

    row.label | date | dynamic:nameFilter 

    In the controller

    $scope.nameFilter = 'mycustomerfilter'; 
    app.filter('dynamic', ['$injector', function($injector) {
      return function(text, filter) {
        var result = text;
        if (filter) {
          var f = $injector.get(filter + "Filter");
          if (f) { result = f(text); }
        return result;
  • Run GIT GC in all subdirectories

    Find the release directories and run git gc in each.

    find ./ -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec git --git-dir={}/.git --work-tree={} gc \;
  • Semi Forward Foot Controls for Sportsters ’86 and ’03

    These controls place your feet in between the stock mid position and forward controls.4-020bb_s

  • Short MongoDB Fields with Mongoid

    Need to have shorter field name in MongoDB, but still use readable names in code?

    # Mongoid Timestamps
    include Mongoid::Timestamps::Short
    # fields
    field :aid, as: :application_id, type:String
    # one to one
    embeds_one :address, :store_as => :ad
    # collections
    field :aid, as: :application_id
    belongs_to :application, foreign_key: :aid
  • On Writing – Steven King

    Part biography and part writing advice. Both were interesting.

    The advise that jumped out is, Do The Work. For writing that’s writing and reading. Which translates well for most things into doing and learning/observing.

    On Writing