CES 2018

Dusty Candland | | new tech


CES was about robots this year. There were a lot of toy focused robot kits that were cool. I like the Jimu kit the most.


And there were robots for automating tasks, like laundry, one's for playing ping pong, which was more about reaction time and appropriate force. I'm sure there is always robot stuff, but felt like they took it up a level. My favorite was a 3d printing arm, which produces filimate prints as good as the box style printers.


As always there were TVs, drones, and phones. The codrone was cool in that it had a programable interface that would let you control the drone however you wanted, for example with you computer camera and hand motions.


But the coolest stuff was again in Eureka Park.

Tons of home automation stuff, personal data trackers, and AR/VR stuff. AR/VR stuff still seems early, but also like huge progress from last year. I liked the Swidget outlet with it's swapable modules for different types of automation technologies. They have dev boards for making your own modules and an API coming in the future.


The coolest looking thing for me was a new motorcycle from Yamaha. Electric, self driving functions, and heads up display. Also, amazing looking design.


Business wise, the BLE 5 chips are a big jump forward and offer some pretty awesome tech. Looking forward to playing with those dev kits! Of course, we had good meetings with a bunch of folks, parties, and networking, which is where the value really is.


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