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LLM based agent systems

Dusty Candland | | ai, llm

A list of resources for AI and LLM.


These cover a lot of the same ground about building LLMs into applications, mostly by creating agent systems.

Emerging Architectures for LLM Applications - Good overview of the current landscape for agents and the companies working in the space.

Building LLM applications for production - Includes some interesting potential use cases.

Leveraging Large Language Models in your Software Applications - Good overview of the components used to leverage LLMs in software.

LLM Powered Autonomous Agents - Technical and in-depth overview of agent systems; planning, memory, and tools.

Prompt Engineering Guide - Covers different approaches to prompting. These are mostly for use in applications.


I learned a lot about agents by reading the code for these projects.

Langchaingo - Golang implementation of the Langchain agent system. Not sure how closely this matches the python version.

Langchainrb - Ruyby implementation based on the Langchain agent system. This is starting to diverge from the python version.


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