Explores the idea of creating a few deep relationships to help you get farther in your goals then you could by yourself. Basically, creating relationships where you can get and give honest feedback to overcome obstacles and roadblocks, some that you probably can’t see yourself.



The 4 mind sets: Candor < Vulnerability < Accountability < Generosity

9 steps

  1. Articulate your vision
  2. Find your lifeline relationships
  3. Practice the art of the long slow dinner
  4. Broaden your goal-setting strategy (learning and performance goals)
  5. Create your Personal Success Wheel
  6. Learn to fight
  7. Diagnose your weaknesses
  8. Commit to improvement
  9. Fake it till you make it then make it stick

Starting point for staring your own group: How to Conduct a Meeting (Kindle Locations 3793-3794).

Who’s Got Your Back Author: Keith Ferrazzi