Beanstalk with Terraform

This took the longest time to get working. Partly because of my own typos :p. But, also because I wanted to setup everything with Terraform.

The Beanstalk stack is just the basic Docker stack. I setup RDS for the database because both apps need it.

Deploying an Elixir Umbrella Application

The plan; use Distillery to build the Elixir apps in a Docker container. Then create Docker containers with the compiled apps. Use those to deploy on AWS Beanstalk. Build the AWS Beanstalk setup with Terraform. And deploy through a Makefile to automate things.

It’s a lot of setup to deploy an app!

Elixir Phoenix Partials

How to create partials in Elixir with block like syntax. Like:

= render_shared "page_header.html", title: "Listing Posts", body: fn ->
  = link "New Post", class: 'btn btn-sm btn-outline-secondary', to: post_path(@conn, :new)

Secret weapons

Startups need secret weapons. Any advantage that a startup can leverage is important. My secret weapons might not be yours, but you’ll have your own.

For software startups, the team, process, communication, and languages have the ability to accelerate the business and to be treated as secret weapons.

What Scrum got right

Scrum was a huge change in how software was built and a lot of its ideas are great, but some also have major problems.

Most of my experience is in early stage startups and may not apply as well to larger organizations, though I think a lot of it still does.

Upgrading dev tools: puma-dev and asdf

POW -> Puma-dev & RVM -> asdf

Sass Bootstrap 4 in Phoenix 1.3

Brutalist Framework