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  • Watch a process using Turbo streams
    Thu Mar 25 2021 | cloudsh, ruby, rails, hotwire, turbo

    After [upgrading to Hotwire](/2021/add-hotwire-to-an-existing-rails-app/), I wanted to try out Turbo Streams. In [CloudSh]( there is a background job that runs a Golang application to index sites. That seemed like a cool thing to use Turbo Streams so I can see the console output. Turbo Streams just work. The basic flow is capture the process output in the background job, broadcast it to the UI, and follow along by scolling as new data comes in.

  • Add Hotwire to an existing Rails app
    Wed Mar 24 2021 | cloudsh, ruby, rails, hotwire

    Some quick notes on adding [Hotwire]( to an existing Rails applicaiton.

  • How I handle web project hand offs
    Tue Mar 23 2021 | red27, consulting, project management

    It's time to hand over a project. What do I provide when handing off a project? What do I expect to get when jumping into an existing project? It's the same regardless of which side I'm on. Here's what I review and use to asses projects. I mainly deal with web applications, so I'm focusing on those. Not everything here is necessarily part of the project requirements or agreement, but these are areas I look at to get a clear understanding of the state of the project.

  • Upgrading Rails Webpacker and TailwindCSS
    Tue Mar 16 2021 | cloudsh, webpack, webpacker, rails, rails6, tailwindcss

    In my continuing effort to consolidate technologies used in my projects I'm changing an existing Rails app to use Webpacker and TailwindCSS, and away from Bootstrap. These are the steps I took to get TailwindCSSv2 working. [Add webpack to Rails 5]( covers the whole process, including moving existing JS and CSS files to Webpacker.

  • Hosting side projects - Dokku
    Fri Mar 12 2021 | dokku, heroku, elasticbeanstalk, hosting

    Where should I host my side project? It's a question I ask every time I start a new project. I've tried so many different options I have to lookup where each project is hosted. This is annoying and makes development slow. It takes time to remember where a project is hosted and then remember all the different options and commands for those environments.

  • New tools for the new year
    Fri Jan 29 2021 | watchexec, overmind, ws, wtfutil

    Some new tools I've come across that I'm finding useful.

  • Ruby on Rails deployments to Elastic Beanstalk 2021
    Mon Jan 04 2021 | rails, docker, ruby, elasticbeanstalk, aws, make, docker-componse

    I've run a number of projects on Elastic Beanstalk, generally the whole experience is terrible. Still better than running servers yourself, but so far from Heroku. All my projects end up with a bunch of `.ebextensions` files that try to configure the EB server for the application. They work sometimes, and almost alway break with platform upgrades, even minor upgrades.

  • Lucky Framework deployment with Apex Up
    Mon Dec 28 2020 | lucky, luckyframework, apexup, aws, crystal

    Hosting a [Lucky Framework] application on AWS Lambda using [Apex Up].

  • Build a Docker image like Heroku with
    Tue Dec 22 2020 | docker,, ruby, heroku, aws

    [] is bringing buildpacks, like Heroku uses, to anyone. Buildpacks are a better way to build [Docker] images, partly due to caching layers, but also helps build reusable build processes. This is a better intro [Turn Your Code into Docker Images with Cloud Native Buildpacks](

  • CoC Solargraph Ruby Settings
    Sun Dec 06 2020 | vim, neovim, ruby, coc, solargraph, asdf

    Using [Coc] with [Neovim] in ZSH and a ruby version manager, like RVM, or [ASDF].

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