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I'm a Ruby on Rails engineer who helps B2B SaaS startup founders bring their ideas to life.

Unlike my competitors, I understand startups; the advantage of moving quickly and iterating.

Is your startup using its biggest advantage?

Startups move slowly for a number of reasons.

Some spend too much time developing or over architecting the perfect solution. Others build so much technical debt they can't pivot or even deploy new features.

How do these startups end up moving slowly and find they've been beaten to market?

Why do some startups seem to release new features all the time, while others can't?

Why can some pivot quickly, while others run out of runway?

The answer is clear. All startups know they need to move quickly, but many don't have the experience needed to do so.

Get your idea in front of users and start iterating

Your startup needs to get to market so you can start learning. You only have so much runway. So taking what you've learned and incorporating it into your product as soon as possible is paramount.

Understanding what to build now and what will likely change is the key to moving fast and using your biggest advantage.

Your technology needs a strong foundation, I can help

Clean, tested, and well organized code is what allows for fast changes and growth. While this sounds counterproductive to speed, they are what actually unlocks it.

My first startup was GoToast. It managed pay-per-click keywords for our customers. As the lead developer, I learned the importance of iterating quickly. Along with our team, and some great mentors, we built a system that managed millions of keywords across 12 different services, multiple times a day. GoToast was loved by its customers and was quickly acquired by a large ad-tech company.

I've had the pleasure of working with Dusty multiple times over the years, he has a rare gift for understanding and adding value to business problems and solving them with nimble software solutions. If you need a seasoned architect or just want something built quickly and affordably, he's your guy.
- Nico, CEO, Two Octobers

The second exit was with ROXIMITY, another ad-tech company focused on indoor location. After Apple announced iBeacons, we pivoted quickly and had a software and hardware solution on the market within 6 months. The software included SDKs integrated into mobile applications with over 20 million active users. Our servers were able to ingest 100s of million location data points a day with only 12 servers. ROXIMITY was acquired in 2016 and integrated into a large mobile ad network.

I've been helping startups build proof of concepts, MVPs, and develop their technical strategy since 2006.

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You Rocked it! Huge success with the proof of concept. Client loved it and the possibilities it provides!
- Dan, CEO, Rentbits

Can one person really do that much?

Having too many cooks in the kitchen slows things down. Eventually you'll need a team. When you reach that point, I can help find them and since you'll have a solid foundation getting people up to speed will be easy

I already have something, is it trash?

Probably not. It might need some improvements or updates, but unless it was built to be thrown away, it'll be better to work with what you already have.

Is this going to be expensive?

It's almost always going to be cheaper than hiring a development shop. Since you're working directly with me, there isn't a project manger and multiple team members. Those extra people add cost and slow things down.

I love startups and building

Over the last 20 years I’ve built strong teams on solid technical foundations. The result is 5 startups with 2 exits and products delivered on time.

Throughout my career, I've helped startups go from idea, to market, to scale, to acquisition. And I've learned a ton along the way:

  • I know how strong foundations allow for quick iterations and pivots.
  • I understand how to balance long term vision with what's happening right now.
  • I've seen the technology pitfalls that derail startups.
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We worked with Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting for about 1.5 months on a project supporting development of a Java-based Web service using the Play! Framework. Dusty was very easy to work with. During and after the project's execution, he and Red27 were readily available to answer questions and help us fix bugs. Another important aspect of the consulting we did with Red27 was our need for a developer who understood how quickly things move and can change in a startup environment. Dusty did a great job of filling that role. He quickly adapted to multiple revisions of the project's specifications and integrated his work with our existing codebase. Omniar would choose to work with Red27 again.
- Zach, CTO, Omniar, Inc.

There's only so much time to go around

I'd love to work with you, but there is only one me, so if you think it's worth a chat, please reach out.