What I'm doing now


Build in public & Side projects

My current focus is building in public and trying to make a little progress on my side projects.

I probably have too many side projects going on, but they're also all related in some way. I've decided to keep pushing on the different projects a little each week. As part of that, I want to get better about building in public and connecting with other makers.

It's out of my confort zone and will take a lot of effort at first. I expect that will get better over time. Guess we'll see :p.

Technology consolidation

Related to the above I want to consolidate the technologies I'm using on side projects. Some of the project began to explore different stacks, but maintaining different stacks takes a lot of mental work. And a lot of time figuring out how things are done.

In an effort to move faster, I'm taking the time up front to consolidate.


BJJ has been pretty constant for a few years now. Still finding it both a great workout and challenging, physically and mentally.

What's this about? https://sivers.org/nowff