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What I'm doing now


Looking for the right company to join

I've been looking for my next opportunity where I can have an impact, write Ruby or Golang, and help improve the SDLC for the team.

Ruby on Rails/DevEx/Platform Consulting

While looking for my next thing, I've been working with a few clients building Ruby on Rails platforms and opimtizing their Software Development Life Cycle.

Have room for 1-2 more clients. If you're interested, please reach out.


My current focus is building CommandWP, the technology behind WP Support HQ. Also growing WP Support HQ. There are a lot of interesting problems to solve in this space and I hope to build something that is very useful.

A big push for me is to talk to people using, hosting, or managing WordPress sites. I want to make sure what I build solves real problems.

If that's you, please reach out!

Daily Newsletter

After doing the newsletter daily for a while, I decided to reduce the how often I'm writing there. It's still focused on WebDev, Ruby on Rails, and WordPress.

Check it out & Subscribe

-BJJ +Climbing

I'm missing BJJ. The gym had a lot of staff turnover, which were both friends and coaches. Just didn't feel the same after that, so I started climbing again. Would love to find another BJJ gym to call home.

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