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WP Support HQ Project

Dusty Candland | | project, wordpress, commandwp

I started WP Support HQ in 2014 to help clients keep their WordPress sites updated and backed up. I was getting a lot of requests to either add plugins or fix hacked sites. What I found was those site were very out of date and they lacked backups. That made both adding to the site and fixing hacked site hard and costly.

WP Support HQ is a manage hosting platform for WordPress. I only work with WordPress sites and provide updates, backups, security checks, and hosting.


Bet - PPC Campaign

| wpsupporthq, bets

Running a local PPC campaign will gain 2+ users. Assuming an LTV of $540/year, a $500 CPA, while high is a workable to optimize.

Bet - Locally focused site

| wpsupporthq, bets

Update site to a cleaner look and content focused on local hosting to Denver / Colorado will help increase conversions on the site.


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