About Me

What's up?

I have way too much sh*t going on! Here's some of the things I'm working on.


CloudSh is built for websites that want to add quality search easily. It's running the search on here, try it!

WP Support HQ & CommandWP

Built to provide managed WordPress services for Red27 clients. I've started to spin out the underlying tech as CommandWP for others to use.


Proofreader.io was built to monitor websites for bad things, expiring domains, blacklisting, broken links, and unexpected changes.


Red27 Consulting I've been consulting for small businesses and startups since 2007. Before ROXIMITY this was my full time gig. You can find out more about Red27 and some of the projects we've built here

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Previous project

ROXIMITY (now part of Verve) is a location intelligence platform that helps application developers create indoor based location experiences into their application.

As a co-founder and CTO I helped our awesome team build the platform, beacons, and mobile SDKs.

Started in 2011 -> TechStars is 2012 -> Acquired 2016 -> Integrated into Verve in 2018


After going to College for Graphic Design, I quickly ending up creating web sites. From there I was hooked on programming and begin learning everything I could and haven't stopped. I started with JavaScript and VBScript in classic ASP, then into Visual Basic and shortly after the .NET Framework with some Java sprinkled in. Following that I found Ruby & Ruby on Rails, and switched all my focus to that. During that time. I was very interested in Node.JS and built a few things with it too. Mostly recently I've been building things with Clojure. There have been a bunch of other things mixed in along the way, PHP, Python, lots of different JavaScript frameworks. Currently, learning Golang and Elixir.