To Freemium or Not Freemium?

I usually don’t write about the side projects I’m working on. In the spirit of changing that, I’m going write about my thoughts for CloudSh & the Freemium model.

CloudSh is a SAAS service providing search for static sites, or any site really, as long as the content is public.

I initially planned on having an free level, then changed my mind, then changed it again! WTF?! It’s hard working in a vacuum!

Rails JSON Serialized Fields

Using Rails 5 to serialize objects into a JSON field in the DB. We’re gonna assume we want to store some options as a JSON field on a User model. And we want an Options model to work with in code.

Book: A Philosophy of Software Design

A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout is a great, short read of software design philosophy. I thought it was very to the point and didn’t try to cover too much. It even changed my perspective on comments in code! Definately a good read.

JS Widgets

Basic Webpack setup for creating a JS widget w/ a loading script.

Elixir Deploys with Make

This is one of the first times I’ve used make, but I regret not using it more often. It’s pretty simple to get started and really powerful. This was a mix of a lot of different resources.

Elixir and Docker

Elixir releases need to be built on the same system as they run on. Seems like Docker is perfect for building the releases and running them.

Well, it’s prefect for building the release. Running in Docker can make some of the BEAM stuff harder, like live code updates and clustering. Looks like there are some solutions for both, but for now I don’t mind just restarting the Docker containers.

Building Releases with Distillery

Seems like just running the app with mix is probably fine for now, but will make using a lot of the BEAM hard/impossible later. Also, the project has multiple apps, so making different builds for each seems like it might be a good idea.

Brutalist Framework