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Upgrading Dokku version by version

| dokku, ubuntu

I've used the dokku-update app in the past, but version 0.30.0 has a breaking change, so I needed to upgrade to 0.29.x first. It doesn't look like dokku-update app doesn't support specific versions. Here's what I did to upgrade manually.

Setup Postgres with pgvector on Dokku

| postgres, pgvector, dokku, route285

I'm starting to experiment with AI on Route285 and need a vector database. Since I'm already using Postgres and Dokku, I'm adding pgvector. Pgvector isn't installed by the main Postgres images.

Install Directus on Dokku

| directus, dokku, postgresql, docker

It's time to create a database for Route285. Up until now, I've been using Markdown and JSON files to manage the data for the site.

After looking at a few options, I settled on Directus. In thier words:

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Find & fix trailing whitespace in files.

grep -l $'[ \t]$' -r app/views | xargs -L 1 ex +'%s/\s\+$//g' -scx

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