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Kickstarter by the Numbers
| stubborngoods, kickstarter

We decided to try Kickstarter for the first product of Stubborn Goods. We reached our goal thanks to our friends and family. This is an overview of what we did and some lessons we learned. ## Why Kickstarter? Stubborn Goods makes packs and bags. Since production requires a minimum quantity order to make sense we thought Kickstarter might be a good way to start. Besides, I wanted to experience running a Kickstarter project.

Eleventy: Responsive Images
| 11ty, eleventy, netlify, github, route285

Route285 is a site of Colorado product companies. I have images of logos & products from those sites, but need to download and display them locally, in case an image changes later. Also, since eleventy-img supports resizing and different formats I wanted to get that stuff working too. I ran into a couple of snags. First ICO isn't supported, that was pretty easy to work around, but I still wanted a local version of the file. The useOriginalImage function handles that. Plus it's helpful for errors and SVG files. Also, since it's an addNunjucksAsyncShortcode in 11ty, I needed to change my for blocks to asyncEach blocks. That took a while to figure out as it just results in those templates returning nothing.

Jupyter Labs and Ruby
| asdf, bundler, jupyter, ruby

Wanted to setup Jupyter for Ruby to test out some ML stuff. Here's the setup I used and some issues I ran into.

Eleventy Webmentions
| eleventy, 11ty, webmentions, bridgy, microformats

Owning my content and making it easy to post are both important to me and I've been slowly working to do that more. Moving my blog to 11ty was a big step in that direction. Now with webmentions and bridgy it's easier to share content. This post talks about what I've setup to connect my blog to the indieweb and some of the closed networks.

Rails 6 and multiple uploads
| rails, rails6, stimulus

[Active Storage] is awesome for uploading images, but handling has_many_attached needs some additional stuff if you want be able to add and remove specific images. This is how I setup multiple uploads so files can be added and deleted without re-uploading the files.

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