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Eleventy Webmentions
| eleventy, 11ty, webmentions, bridgy, microformats

Owning my content and making it easy to post are both important to me and I've been slowly working to do that more. Moving my blog to 11ty was a big step in that direction. Now with webmentions and bridgy it's easier to share content. This post talks about what I've setup to connect my blog to the indieweb and some of the closed networks.

Rails 6 and multiple uploads
| rails, rails6, stimulus

[Active Storage] is awesome for uploading images, but handling has_many_attached needs some additional stuff if you want be able to add and remove specific images. This is how I setup multiple uploads so files can be added and deleted without re-uploading the files.

Rails 6 Inky Emails
| rails, rails6, email, inky, foundation emails

Making emails look nice is a huge pain! [Foundation Emails] help by giving you short HTML tags that are expanded into HTML for emails and nice classes for styling.

Add Webpack to Rails 5
| rails, rails5, webpack, webpacker, scss, bootstrap, font-awesome

The push to use webpack with rails is getting too much to resist! You can setup some good stuff with sprockets, but it's a pain and a lot of it doesn't seem too updated. So... to get things like good ES6 support, minification, easier script managment with Yarn, and PostCSS support; It's time for webpacker

Webdev like it's 1997
| webdev

When I started learning to create webpages the web was fun and crazy and annoying. It was also open and easy to get started. There are a few trends that are bringing some of that web back. I'm loving it!

To Freemium or Not Freemium?
| saas, cloudsh

I usually don't write about the side projects I'm working on. In the spirit of changing that, I'm going write about my thoughts for CloudSh & the Freemium model. CloudSh is a SAAS service providing search for static sites, or any site really, as long as the content is public. I initially planned on having an free level, then changed my mind, then changed it again! WTF?! It's hard working in a vacuum!

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