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Route285 Project

| project, directus, 11ty, longlegs

Growing up in Littleton, Highway 285 was often our route into the mountains. To camping and 4-wheeling. Thinking about names for this site, Route 285 jumped out at me. I'm not sure it has the same association for people across the state, probably not. Regardless I hope that Route 285 helps people find the gear they need to enjoy Colorado while buying local!

WP Support HQ Project

| project, wordpress, commandwp

I started WP Support HQ in 2014 to help clients keep their WordPress sites updated and backed up. I was getting a lot of requests to either add plugins or fix hacked sites. What I found was those site were very out of date and they lacked backups. That made both adding to the site and fixing hacked site hard and costly.

Stubborn Goods Project

| project, 11ty

Most of my creative energy goes into digital things. I love making digital stuff, but making physical stuff is also very rewarding. Plus I wanted to learn more about how physical products and made and marketed.

I also love backpacks and bags :p. So, I started prototyping backpacks and Stubborn Goods was born.

Command WP Project

| project, ruby, rails

When I started hosting WordPress sites as WP Support HQ I used some of the various management options. However, they all used plugins to do the management. Something always happened to the plugins. Users uninstalled them. They become "disconnected". Outdated.

CloudSh Project

| project, ruby, rails, longlegs

ClousSh provides search for static sites. It was origianlly made for my sites including this one.

I wanted something that would crawl the site and provide search with a JS widgit.