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CloudSh Project

Dusty Candland | | project, ruby, rails, longlegs

ClousSh provides search for static sites. It was origianlly made for my sites including this one.

I wanted something that would crawl the site and provide search with a JS widgit.


Watch a process using Turbo streams

| cloudsh, ruby, rails, hotwire, turbo

After upgrading to Hotwire, I wanted to try out Turbo Streams. In CloudSh there is a background job that runs a Golang application to index sites. That seemed like a cool thing to use Turbo Streams so I can see the console output.

Turbo Streams just work. The basic flow is capture the process output in the background job, broadcast it to the UI, and follow along by scolling as new data comes in.

Upgrading Rails Webpacker and TailwindCSS

| cloudsh, webpack, webpacker, rails, rails6, tailwindcss

In my continuing effort to consolidate technologies used in my projects I'm changing an existing Rails app to use Webpacker and TailwindCSS, and away from Bootstrap.

These are the steps I took to get TailwindCSSv2 working. Add webpack to Rails 5 covers the whole process, including moving existing JS and CSS files to Webpacker.

To Freemium or Not Freemium?

| saas, cloudsh

I usually don't write about the side projects I'm working on. In the spirit of changing that, I'm going write about my thoughts for CloudSh & the Freemium model.

CloudSh is a SAAS service providing search for static sites, or any site really, as long as the content is public.

I initially planned on having an free level, then changed my mind, then changed it again! WTF?! It's hard working in a vacuum!

Starting cloudsh search project

| cloudsh, golang, javascript, aws lambda

I'm starting a new side project to learn Golang and use AWS Lambda. The basic idea is an API that will index a website and provide a searching interface using JavaScript. The target users are those creating static / generated sites. Sit...


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