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Stubborn Goods Project

Dusty Candland | | project, 11ty

Most of my creative energy goes into digital things. I love making digital stuff, but making physical stuff is also very rewarding. Plus I wanted to learn more about how physical products and made and marketed.

I also love backpacks and bags :p. So, I started prototyping backpacks and Stubborn Goods was born.


Kickstarter by the Numbers

| stubborngoods, kickstarter

We decided to try Kickstarter for the first product of Stubborn Goods. We reached our goal thanks to our friends and family. This is an overview of what we did and some lessons we learned.

Why Kickstarter?

Stubborn Goods makes packs and bags. Since production requires a minimum quantity order to make sense we thought Kickstarter might be a good way to start.

Besides, I wanted to experience running a Kickstarter project.


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