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Route285 Project

Dusty Candland | | project, directus, 11ty, longlegs

Growing up in Littleton, Highway 285 was often our route into the mountains. To camping and 4-wheeling. Thinking about names for this site, Route 285 jumped out at me. I'm not sure it has the same association for people across the state, probably not. Regardless I hope that Route 285 helps people find the gear they need to enjoy Colorado while buying local!


Setup Postgres with pgvector on Dokku

| postgres, pgvector, dokku, route285

I'm starting to experiment with AI on Route285 and need a vector database. Since I'm already using Postgres and Dokku, I'm adding pgvector. Pgvector isn't installed by the main Postgres images.

Eleventy: Responsive Images

| 11ty, eleventy, netlify, github, route285

Route285 is a site of Colorado product companies. I have images of logos & products from those sites, but need to download and display them locally, in case an image changes later. Also, since eleventy-img supports resizing and different formats I wanted to get that stuff working too.

I ran into a couple of snags. First ICO isn't supported, that was pretty easy to work around, but I still wanted a local version of the file. The useOriginalImage function handles that. Plus it's helpful for errors and SVG files.

Also, since it's an addNunjucksAsyncShortcode in 11ty, I needed to change my for blocks to asyncEach blocks. That took a while to figure out as it just results in those templates returning nothing.


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