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  • Rails Premailer Webpacker Using Full Paths
    Sun Jun 04 2023 | rails, premailer, webpack, shakapacker

    I've ran into this a couple of times and it's taken forever to figure out! I don't know how I fixed it before, but this is how I fixed it this time.

  • WordPress Verify Checksums
    Wed May 24 2023 | wordpress, commandwp, security, wp-cli

    I recently implemented verifying checksums in CommandWP and found some interesting results. 65% of sites had checksums that didn't verify! Here's a look at what I found. What changed? wp-admin/.rnd - Random seed files left over from some...

  • Bridgetown with Dynamic Routes on Dokku
    Thu May 04 2023 | proofreader, bridgetown, ruby, dokku, jamstack, turbo, hotwire

    [Bridgetown](https://www.bridgetownrb.com) is a Ruby based static site generator. Being Ruby is awesome already, but with the new [dynamic routes](https://www.bridgetownrb.com/docs/routes) feature and [support for Turbo](https://www.bridgetownrb.com) it could be a really powerful site builder. Static for most things, and dynamic content provided by [Turbo](https://turbo.hotwired.dev/)!

  • Use modern CLI tools to search and replace text in files
    Mon Mar 20 2023 | cli, ripgrep, sd

    Searching and replacing text is easier with modern CLI tools. I'll show you how to use [ripgrep](https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep) and [sd](https://github.com/chmln/sd) to search and replace text in files.

  • SMTP Set Up For Hosting Servers
    Thu Feb 16 2023 | postfix, hostname, hosting

    Notes for setting up SMTP for sending mail from hosting servers.

  • Install Directus on Dokku
    Thu Feb 02 2023 | directus, dokku, postgresql, docker

    It's time to create a database for [Route285](https://route285.com). Up until now, I've been using Markdown and JSON files to manage the data for the site. After looking at a few options, I settled on [Directus](https://directus.io). In thier words:

  • The Thing About Pricing
    Fri Sep 23 2022 | commandwp

    Pricing is one of the things I've been struggling with on CommandWP. I want a simple plan that offers customers a lot of value. I want to offer pricing that I'd personally want to use. While I figure that out, I've left pricing off the site, hoping to find early adopters to help me figure out pricing later. It seems most people don't want to invest time in something without having an idea of what the costs might be going forward. I'd want the same. Here are some of my thoughts about pricing and where I ended up. CommandWP now has pricing!

  • Optimizing Development Processes for Business Value
    Mon Sep 12 2022 | development, process

    The point of software development is to deliver custom value as quickly as possible. At least development in the context of a business. While teams should be self-managing, they should also strive to create value. These are principles for development I've seen increase productivity.

  • If Not a Roadmap, Then What?
    Thu Aug 25 2022 | development, leadership, process

    I've been wrestling with this question. Roadmap are so integrated in development processes that it's hard to think about processes without them.

  • Replace Your Product Roadmap
    Tue Jul 26 2022 | development, leadership, process

    A product roadmap is a list of tasks and mile stones. It's generally built with a destination in mind. The destination isn't always clear and more importantly why it's the destination isn't clear.

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