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CommandWP: Rails Application Screen Shot

CommandWP: Rails Application

Technologies: Ruby, JavaScript, Stimulus, Rails, Turbo, Postgresql, Sidekiq

CommandWP was built out of frustration with other alternatives for managing WordPress sites. We took a different approach, building on the amazing WP-CLI program and the proven SSH protocol for connecting with remote servers.

From the dashboard, users can update multiple websites at once, take & restore backups, monitor performance, and perform WP-CLI command line tasks, saving countless hours that would otherwise be needed to keep these sites fast and secure.

The Hotwired framework was used to update the dashboard from background jobs so users can see what's happening in realtime.

From the site:

At CommandWP, we believe that managing WordPress requires the best available technologies. That's why we use WP-CLI over SSH to provide you with the most reliable and robust access to your WordPress sites and hosting servers.

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