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Route285: Website Screen Shot

Route285: Website

Technologies: 11ty, html, css, directus, golang
Services: Jamstack

Route 285 was built to showcase Colorado based brands and businesses. We wanted this site to be very fast and SEO optimized so we used a static site builder, 11ty, and a content management system, Directus as the foundation for the site.

There is also a lot of content and images that need to be managed and updated. We built a custom crawler to crawl company websites and images. This data gets fed into Directus and used to build an updated version of Route285 each night.

From the site:

Growing up in Littleton, Highway 285 was often our route into the mountains. To camping and 4-wheeling. Thinking about names for this site, Route 285 jumped out at me. I'm not sure it has the same association for people across the state, probably not. Regardless I hope that Route 285 helps people find the gear they need to enjoy Colorado while buying local!

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