I setup a new machine this week, the machine was imaged with some of the obvious MS stuff, VS, Office, etc. I thought I’d note some of the apps I install right away. Things I know I’ll need, most development related, some system related, some others.

FireFox: web browser and associated plug-ins
Download Them All
Smart Bookmarks
No Script
SysInternals Suite: a ton of tools for windows to help see what’s going on in the OS.
7Zip: open source zip utility.
Powershell: upgraded command line for windows.

QueryExPlus: Light weight query analyzer.
Subversion: SCM used by a lot of projects.
Tortoise SVN: Explorer integration with Subversion.
NUnit: Unit testing framework.
MbUnit: A nother unit testing framework.
Fiddler: HTTP inspector.
ReSharper: Coding optimizer I guess, not sure what it’s called but I can’t really code without it.
Notepad++: Tabbed notepad with syntax highlighting and a bunch of other text tools.
Nant: Build tool.
RhinoMocks: My mocking framework of choice.
Patch for RhinoMocks: Need this if your using .net 3.5.
Reflector: .Net decompiler.

Pidgin: Multi-service instant messaging application.
Launchy: Application launcher. Apparently has problems on some x64 machines, including my new machine. I’m really missing this.
FARR: Find and Run Robot, trying this as a Launchy replacement.
Windows Live Writer, but it doesn’t install on Server 2003, WTF?

I’m sure I’ve missed some, but these are at least the essentials that I use almost daily.

Any others I should checkout?