I’m still working on the AIM Bot, converting from boo to c#. I really liked working in boo, but just don’t feel like I have enough comfort in it to continue working in it. Anyway, I’ve decided to use the Amazon web service S3 for my data storage and have created an open source project, AwsS3Library, to connect to it.

It’s pretty basic so far, listing buckets, and object, and getting, putting, and deleting buckets and objects. The usage isn’t too hard to follow, I’d suggest looking at the unit tests if your stuck. You will need to use your own AWS key and AWS Secret key.

AwsBucket awsBucket = new AwsBucket("bucketName");
AwsS3Service service = new AwsS3Service("AwsKey", "AwsSecret")
awsBucket = service.Put(awsBucket);

There is an intermediate issue with putting objects, which results in a timeout. I think it has to do with trying to put an object right after creating a new bucket. I’m not sure how or if this should be addressed by the library. I’m going to change the tests to create a bucket for the objects and one for testing the bucket functionality. I think that should help.

It’s released under the BSD License to feel free to use and submit fixes.