Warning: off topic rant, sorry.

If you are going to buy anything from Circuit City be warned that you will be dealing with either lying

or ignorant and lazy sales people and rude customer service.

Recently on two different occasions I bought a product based on what the sales

person told me and both times they were completely wrong.

The first

time was regarding a Sony handy-cam, they had two models, one was the DCR-SR82 (with a 60 Gig drive) and a DCR-SR42

(with a 30 Gig drive). The sales staff claimed they were the same

except for the drive size, which is completely false. I found this out

after getting home, and reading the manual. It turns out Sony

also has a DCR-SR62

which is the same as the 82 with a smaller drive. One huge difference, among many,

is that the 42 doesn’t record in wide screen format. So I took it back

and had to get the manager of the store to issue a refund. Which he

finally did after talking to the head camera guy who confirmed my

claims. End result: bought the SR62 elsewhere (online).

I’ve shopped at Circuit City a lot in the past, and so I thought, maybe the sales

person was just new or something. So, I wanted some speaker mounts for my front

speakers and I gave Circuit City another shot. When asked if I need

help, I ask if the speaker mounts I’m looking at will fit

my speakers and proceeded to show the sales guy which speakers I have

(bought from them). He say confidently that they will work with those

speakers. I get home and surprise they don’t. So today I took them back

with the intention of getting the right ones. When I returned them, I

told the CSR

that these don’t fit my speakers, even after showing the sales guy which speakers

I own. He says “That sucks. You should yell at him.” in a very

sarcastic, I don’t give a shit, way. I was shocked to be treated so

poorly. So, I’m done with Circuit City. It’s right on it’s way to being

the next CompUSA.

Too bad really, because at one point they were much better then Best Buy

(the worse electronics store ever), and I bought a lot from them then.

Circuit City sucks, don’t buy from them.