Red what? Red Yawk (silent W), as in Red27 Consulting’s Yet Another Web frameworK. I’m not sure I really like the name, but it’ll work for now.

I spent a good part of today trying to decide on what web framework to use for some upcoming projects. I spiked with FubuMVC, which I would have liked to use, but the lack of documentation and my lack of knowledge about it was too much to overcome right now. I also spiked MonoRail, which I’ve used in the past and generally like. The main thing here was the lack of portable areas. So, I settled on Asp.Net MVC 2. I like the idea of portable areas, I’ve been working with MVC 1, so I’m familiar with a lot of helpers and architecture. I like that n2cms works well with it. And companies will most likely feel better having there site built on in simply because Microsoft is behind it. Regardless, I had to pick something.

The goal is to have a solid base project to start with, without rebuilding everything every time a new project is started. Some requirements from me; Areas, Container (prefer windsor), Spark, and ultimately the ability to add on binary extension, portable areas. Also, it’s using Psake for build support, NUnit for testing, MongoDB for the document database.

I recently saw a post about Warmup, which seems like it would work well, and so far it has. I think I’ll have other warmups, that include NHibernate support and n2cms support later

Checkout the start of the project at Once, warmed up you can run the psake script to build and test, you’ll need to install psake or import the psake module in the tool directory.

Is there a directory of Warmup templates?

Is there a directory of Portable Areas?