I’ve been using the ViEmu plugin with ReSharper in VS2010 for a couple of weeks now. Overall, I really like combo. However there are a few things that annoy me with ViEmu. The selections modes are not the same between ViEmu and selecting text with the mouse, looks like a licensed copy might fix that. The replace function is missing the ‘c’ confirm option. The other things are mostly key bindings that ViEmu overrides, this can be changed with the _viemurc file. You need to create that file in the c:\users[username] directory, then add the bindings you’d like. I’ve added some for ReSharpers goto type command, and changed Ctrl+V back to paste.

map <C-n> gS:vsc ReSharper.ReSharper_GotoType<CR>
imap <C-n> gS:vsc ReSharper.ReSharper_GotoType<CR>
map <C-v> gS:vsc Edit.Paste<CR>

BYW, You can find the commands you’re looking for from the VS toos:options:keyboard menu.

I’m think I’m going to get a license for ViEmu, anyone else have any tips for it?