I’ve been working on a series of posts on my consulting site, Red27.net, about building web applications. These posts are really focused toward less technical folks. However, I wanted to post about it here to get any additional feedback people might have. Also, feel free to forward on to people that might find the info useful. Here’s a summery of the first few posts.

Internet Basics: Websites

This targets the basics of websites, like domain names, hosting, DNS, the basic connectivity of the web.

I know we’re starting at a really basic level, but I want to build a solid foundation for the coming information. The internet is comprised of servers, large computers, and users, you.

Internet Basics: Email

This one is short and just talks about the importance of having an email with your domain and the power of Google App for your Domain.

What makes web applications work?

This post gets more into the programming aspects of web applications, HTML, CSS, JavaScript on the client and PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Java on the server.


Web applications are a client/server based model. The client is your web browser and the server is the web application server. There are a lot of technologies that make web applications work, but there are a few primary ones that we’ll talk about here.

There will be more coming in the next few weeks and I’ll do another post here in a month or so. Please do forward on and post any feedback.