A list of mountable blog engines for Rails.


Blogit Engine

Blogit is a flexible blogging solution for Rails apps. It:

  • Is Rack based;
  • Is a complete MVC solution based on Rails engines;
  • Aims to work right out of the box but remain fully customisable.


JABE Blog Engine

JABE is a bare bones blogging engine that is installed as a gem. It will grow as its needs do.

This version is for Rails 3.1+


Squeaky Blog Engine

Squeaky is a simple mountable Rails engine for making a squeaky clean blog.


Hitchens Blog Engine

  • Mountable blog engine for Rails 3.1+
  • Design/style agnostic – just a blog backend
  • Inspired by radar/forem


Kublog Blog Engine

Kublog is a simple yet complete way to have a Product Blog that integrates with your apps user base. It includes social sharing, atom feeds and moderated comments.

Built for Rails 3.1, Kublog is a complete stack, fully configurable solution.

  • Publish posts with the most basic and simple wysiwyg
  • Attach multiple images to your content
  • Share your posts on your Product’s Twitter Page and Facebook Fan Page
  • E-mail personalized versions of your posts to all your users
  • Optional background processing with Delayed Job
  • Moderated comments from apps users, apps admins, and visitors
  • Atom feed for main blog and individual post categories