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Bet - Early adopter program

Dusty Candland | | commandwp, bets

Early adopter program will validate the market for CommandWP.


Get 10 users to sign up and use CommandWP in the early adopter program in three weeks. Attract users by working in public. Posting updates, asking questions, and connecting with people. Need to post 2-3 things per week.

  • Started: April 11th, 2021
  • Done: March 2nd, 2021


10 Free accounts. A few hours talking to potential customers. A few hours each week to create content to post.


Have additional potential customers. Get feedback on the features and make the product ready for launch.


Still will make progress getting site ready for customers. Will have some marketing materials in the wild.


  • Post: Why I started CommandWP?
  • Feature posting to twitter
  • Public backlog on Trello
  • Feature screen casts?


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